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Guest Viewpoint from Emerald Chapter

The Emerald Chapter's Chair, Noelle Arena, put together a response to an opinion piece called “To address climate change, stop clear-cutting.” It was published on April 8, 2018 in The Register-Guard as "Sustainably Managed Forestry is Carbon-Neutral." The viewpoint explains how "sustainably managed forests can reduce greenhouse gas concentrations by sequestering atmospheric carbon in trees and soil, and by storing carbon in wood products made from the harvested trees." The article certainly got the attention of several Oregonians, including the Forum Editor for Hearld and News where it was re-published April 22, 2018. Find both of Noelle's published viewpoints here. 

The Register- Guard: "Sustainably Managed Forestry is Carbon-Neutral."

Hearld and News: "A Well Managed Forest Means Less Greenhouse Gas Loose in the Environment."