Alaska SAF

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Collaborative Forest Management

  • Collaboration and Partnerships Engage Forest Stakeholders
  • The Ritter Land Management Team: A Community Collaborative
  • Forest Collaboration Blooms Out of Tragedy
  • Collaborating to Increase Fire-adapted Forest Restoration
  • Restoring a Lost Landscape
  • Transforming our Relationships with Forest and Fire—Scaling Up from Ashland Watershed to the Rogue Basin
  • Collaboration: A Work in Progress

Issue Highlights


  • Outdoor Recreation Connects People and Communities to Public Lands
  • New Tools and Techniques for Outdoor Recreation Planning and Management
  • Target Shooting as Forest Recreation
  • Companies Take Different Approaches to Recreation
  • Partnerships to Stewards: Leveraging the Growth in Recreation Demand into Successful Share Management
  • Gravel Riding: The Convergence of Forest and Bike
  • Health Benefits of Outdoor Recreation on OSU Research Forests

Issue Highlights

Certification - Forest and Forester

  • Certification: Measuring Forests and Foresters
  • Credentialing Basics from a National Perspective
  • Elevating the Profession
  • How to Become a Certified Forester
  • The Road to Becoming a Certified Forester
  • American Tree Farm System Certifies Family Forests
  • SFI: Envisioning a World that Values and Benefits from Sustainably Managed Forests
  • Exciting Times for FSC in the US West
  • Forest Certification from a Third-party Auditor Perspective
  • Forest Management Certification—A Look Back

Issue Highlights

Forest Economics

  • Forest Economics and Policy Decisions in the PNW: Retrospective and Outlook
  • A Year in the Life...
  • Why Do Institutions Invest in Timberland?
  • Casualty of the Trade War
  • Incorporating Payments for Ecosystem Services into Western Forest Management
  • Market Trends Affecting the PNW Forest Industry
  • Forestry on State Lands in Oregon Takes Center Stage in Court


  • 2020 PNW SAF Forestry Leadership Conference
  • Forest Health Conference Slated for February
  • Buckbee Elected to SAF Board
  • SAF Northwest Office Seeking New Manager and Editor