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What's New in Forest Products Research?

  • Overview Article
  • Nanotechnology from Trees: Nanocellulose
  • Using Slash Piles to Make Chemical Products
  • Modern Wood Materials for a Modern Wood Architecture
  • OSU Begins Initiative for Forest Science Complex


  • Election Results
  • Renewed Energy Surrounds December Board Meeting
  • Message from the SAF President and Vice President
  • Reflections and Opportunities for SAF
  • University of Washington Student Chapter Holds Symposium
  • A Unique Opportunity Coming in April

January/February 2015 (download pdf)

Issue Highlights

Changing Technology and Mobile Applications

  • Emerging Technologies in Forestry
  • How to Make the Most of Your Mobile Technology Choices
  • Selecting the Best Forestry Related App for Your Phone or Tablet
  • Lidar Sheds New Light on Forest Inventory
  • Case Study: Use of Web Portals to Better Manage Wildfire
  • GIS Mapping Helps US Forest Service Take the Sting Out of Burn Conditions
  • The Buzz About Drones
  • Bringing Growth-and-Yield Online

March/April/May 2015 (download pdf)

Issue Highlights

What is the Future of Multiple-use Forestry?

  • Multiple-use Forestry: Time for a Change in Federal Forest Management?
  • Siuslaw National Forest Emphasizes Restoration, Recreation, and Partnerships
  • Pope Resources Optimizes Uses Across All Operations
  • Land Trust Conserves Habitat, Resources, and Aesthetics in Clallam County
  • BLM Forest Management: Multiple Use, Multiple Benefits, Multiple Challenges
  • Sealaska Practices Traditional Approach to Multiple Use
  • Multiple-use Forestry in the Anthropocene


  • SAF Board of Directors: May Meeting Highlights
  • OSAF Presents Outstanding Slate of Award Winners
  • Hiner Named Forester of the Year at WSSAF Annual Meeting
  • WSSAF Kicks of Foundation Fundraising Campaign

June/July/August 2015 (download pdf)

Issue Highlights

Experimental Forests: Bridging Science and Management

  • Northwest Research Experimental Forests: A Hundred Years in the Making
  • Bridging Science and Management at the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest
  • OESF: A Different Kind of Experimental Forest
  • Research and Forestry Education are Priorities at UI Experimental Forest
  • Long-term Research in Interior Alaska Tracks Consequences of our Changing Climate
  • One-hundred Years of Forestry Research: A Legacy of the Priest River and Deception Creek Experimental Forests
  • The Starkey Experimental Forest and Range: A Nexus of Science and Management
  • OSU Research Forests: An Example of a Working Forest

September/October 2015 (download pdf)

Issue Highlights

Managing Riparian Forests

  • Managing Riparian Forests in the Pacific Northwest: An Ongoing Debate about How Much is Enough
  • Aquatic Ecosystem Response to Management in Riparian Areas of Pacific Northwest Working Forests
  • The Science of 50-foot Riparian Buffers in Headwaters
  • Streamside Management Rule—Idaho Experience
  • A Watershed View of Riparian Management
  • Raising the Bar in Riparian Forest Policy: Oregon Experience Shows High Stakes, High Theater, Low Vision
  • Riparian Restoration: Lessons from the Field
  • Shared Forestry Decisions: A Family Forest Perspective

November/December 2015 (download pdf)