Alaska SAF

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Issue Highlights

Reflections on Forest Management: Can Fish and Fiber Coexist?

  • Are Current Efforts Sufficient to Ensure Healthy Fish Populations?
  • Riparian BMPs: A Shift in Thinking?
  • How Forest Management Affects Fish Habitat
  • The History and Effectiveness of Forestry BMPs
  • How Much More Can We Expect from Current BMPs?


  • Forest Roads and Clean Water Act Update
  • Wildlife in Managed Forests Practical Skills Workshop Scheduled
  • SAF Council Meeting Highlights
  • Election Results

January/February 2013 (download pdf)

Issue Highlights

Wildlife in Managed Forests

  • Opportunities and Challenges for Integrating Wildlife and Forest Management Objectives
  • Effects of Black-tailed Deer and Roosevelt Elk Herbivory in Intensively Managed Douglas-fir Plantations
  • Management Strategies to Reduce Mountain Beaver Damage in Northwest Conifer Forests
  • Landowner Incentives and Tolerances for Managing Beaver Impacts in Oregon
  • Tradeoffs Between Intensive Forest Management and Biodiversity
  • Effects of Fuels Reduction on Eastside Elk and Mule Deer
  • Potential for Silviculture to Contribute to Conservation of Spotted Owls
  • Stream Amphibians and Intensive Forestry
  • Green Trees and Snags in PNW Clearcuts: Does Wildlife Care?
  • Can You Have it All? Managing Your Land for Forestry and Wildlife


  • March SAF Council Meeting Highlights
  • Sustainable Forestry Tour for Educators Set for June
  • Oregon 2012 NAIP Imagery Available for Free Download 

March/April/May 2013 (download pdf)

Issue Highlights

Forest Biomass: To Energy and Beyond

  • No Hiding in the Woods: Biomass Development Requires Engagement, Integration and Innovation
  • Biomass Power Generation in the PNW Interior: Current Situation, Challenges, and Opportunities
  • Thermal Energy from Biomass: Efficient Conversion for Maximum Value
  • Biochar: A Rediscovered Forest Product Generates a New Industry
  • Forest Biomass and the Federal Energy Policy Disconnect
  • From Wood to Wing: NARA Works to Harness Woody Biomass for Aviation Biofuel
  • An overview of Biomass in the State of Alaska


  • June SAF Council Meeting Highlights

June/July/August 2013 (download pdf)

Issue Highlights

Baby Boomers

  • Demographic Trends Pose Challenges and Opportunities for Forestry
  • A Stitch in Time
  • The Generation of Baby Boomer Foresters
  • Silviculture Research: The Intersection of Science and Art Across Generations
  • A Lifetime of Learning
  • Reflections of a Forester
  • The "Next Generation" Views Forest Management Through Different Eyes


  • SAF Council Update: Changes Underway at National Office

September/October 2013 (download pdf)

Issue Highlights

FIA in the PNW

  • Forest Inventory and Analysis: The Nation's Forest Inventory Program
  • Is There Anything New to Learn from Inventory?
  • How to Access FIA
  • The Ins and Outs of Estimating Tree Canopy Cover
  • Geospatial Technologies in Support of FIA
  • Reviving an Old Inventory to Understand Changes in Alaska's Boreal Forests
  • Ground Mat Assessment to Determine Carbon Storage and Ecological Function
  • Opportunities Abound for Affordable Mechanical Fuels Treatment in Dry Mixed-Conifer Forests
  • Oregon and Washington Land-Use Change


  • October SAF Council Meeting Highlights

November/December 2013 (download pdf)