Alaska SAF

Archived Issues

Issue Highlights

  • Who is Managing Our Forests?
  • An Interview with Bill Marre, Hancock Forest Management
  • An Interview with Norm Schaaf, Merrill and Ring, Inc.
  • An Interview with Sara Leiman, Coastal Range Conifers LLC
  • An Interview with Ed Shepard, Bureau of Land Management
  • An Interview with Tom Nelson, Sierra Pacific Industries
  • The Evolution of the Washington State Forestland Database Project
  • Head to the Oregon Coast for the OSAF Annual Meeting
  • SAF Council Highlights from the National Convention in Honolulu
  • Working Forests/Wild Forests - What is the Balance?
  • Inland Empire and Alaska Join SAF Northwest Office
  • State Election Results are In
  • Tucker Selected New Private Forests Deputy Chief
  • Forest Restoration Beyond Fuel Reduction Conference
  • SXPad Data Collector Available for Forestry Applications

January/February 2012 (download pdf)

Issue Highlights

Forestry Education

  • A National Perspective on Forestry Education
  • SAF Terrestrial Ecosystem Management Task Force Update
  • Change in the Air at OSU
  • Celebration, Change, and Collaboration: Forestry Education at the University of Idaho
  • University of Washington Terrestrial Natural Resources Program
  • Big Changes at Washington State University
  • Technical Programs Offer Unique Opportunities to Students
  • Communities and K-12 Schools: Collaborating to Prepare the Future Workforce
  • New Community College Chapter Formed in Oregon

March/April/May 2012 (download pdf)

Issue Highlights

Forest Roads

  • Forest Roads: A Time for Rethinking our Processes
  • Sediment Yield from Forest Roads: Insights from Recent Research
  • Watershed Restoration and Roads in the Pacific Northwest Region
  • Forest Roads Clean Water Act Case Gets Supreme Court Review
  • An Overview of Managing Rock Costs for Forest Roads

June/July/August 2012 (download pdf)

Issue Highlights

PNW's Place in the Global Forest Marketplace

  • Asian Markets for PNW Timber: Rollercoaster or Train Wreck?
  • What's Next for China?
  • India: An Opportunity for U.S. Wood?
  • Japan Perseveres

September/October 2012 (download pdf)

Issue Highlights

Federal Forests in the Pacific Northwest

  • Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going?
  • Pacific Northwest Forest Management in the BLM
  • Vision 2020 High Priority Restoration Area: Building Resilient Landscapes and Relationships

November/December 2012 (download pdf)