Alaska SAF

Archived Issues

Issue Highlights

  • Invasive Forest Pests: Problems You Can Live Without
  • The Balsam Woolly Adelgid Still a Pest in the West
  • Foresters Help Turn the Tide on Invasive Weeds
  • Sudden Oak Death Causes Oak Mortality
  • After a Century, White Pine Blister Rust Still a Factor (download pdf article)
  • Gypsy Moth Battle Goes Spatial
  • Alaska Biological Control Program Directed at Amber-marked Birch Leaf Miner
  • SAF 2007 Convention: What a Time Learning and Having Fun Together
  • Help Build the Future at 2008 OSAF Annual Meeting
  • The Farthest North Forest Sports Festival Equals Bragging Rights!
  • SAF Council Reports
  • Selkirk Chapter Honors 548 Years of Membership

January/February 2008 (download pdf)

Issue Highlights

  • LIDAR: An Emerging Tool for Multiple Resource Measure, Planning, and Monitoring
  • A Model Specification for LIDAR Surveys in the Pacific Northwest
  • Developing a Stand-Level Inventory Using LIDAR
  • The Impact of LIDAR Technology on Transportation System Design: Moving from Coarse Topographic Maps to Detailed Digital Elevation Models
  • Fledgling Student Council Takes Flight
  • OSAF 2008 Annual Meeting: Building the Future with Oregon's Forests
  • Forests in Transition: Washington State SAF Annual Meeting
  • Our Voice: Any Country That is Worth Defending is Worth Preserving
  • High School Students Learn Skills at GRCC
  • Multiple Resource Management is Focus of New Technical Report

March/April 2008 (download pdf)

Issue Highlights

  • Indian Forest Trust Walk
  • Coastal Forest Goes to Siletz Tribe for Management to Restore Marbled Murrelet Populations Lost to New Carissa Oil Spill
  • Intertribal Timber Council's Commitment to Education
  • Tanana Chiefs Conference Hosts Alaska Wood Energy Conference
  • Nez Perce is Walking the Carbon Talk
  • Warm Springs, Wasco, and Paiute Tribes: Leaving a Legacy for Future Generations
  • Is it Time to Give Our Federal Forests Back to the Indians?
  • Council Works Through Full Agenda at March Meeting
  • The Forestry Education Dilemma at Washington State University

May/June 2008 (download pdf)

Issue Highlights

  • Family Forest Owners: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Who Are America's Family Forest Owners?
  • Mixed Species: One Option for the Family-Owned Forest Property
  • Woods and Wildlife
  • Our Path to a Conservation Easement
  • SAF Council Comes to District 1
  • Loggers, Foresters Aid Northwest Storm Victims
  • Oregon State is Reorganizing
  • OSAF Annual Meeting a Rousing Success
  • WSSAF Annual Meeting a Winner
  • John Keller Names Tree Farm Inspector of the Year
  • Hopkins Named Forester of the Year

July/August 2008 (download pdf)

Issue Highlights

  • Understanding Forestry Law
  • Securing Access to Forestlands
  • The Spotted Owl Returns to the Spotlight
  • Landmark Ninth Circuit MIssion Brush Decision Supports Forest Management
  • Understanding and Preventing Timber Trespass
  • The Aftermath of the Weyerhaeuser Case: Important Lessons for the Timber Industry
  • Employers Beware: Don't Get ICE'd by Your I-9 Practices
  • Real Estate Deeds in the Pacific Northwest: What Form to Use and Why
  • Liability Implications of Fees to Use Forestland
  • OFRI Names Barnum New Executive Director
  • SAF Member Honored by Washington State DNR

September/October 2008 (download pdf)

Issue Highlights

  • Forestry Education Today and Tomorrow: A National Perspective
  • OSU Offers Eight Curricula Through the College of Forestry
  • Changes Underway at University of Washington
  • COCC: Hands-on Education in the Heart of the Pacific Northwest
  • New School of Earth, Environment and Society Planned at Washington State University
  • Cradle to Career: Educating Today's Global Natural Resource Professionals
  • Sustainable Forestry? Not Without a Sustainable Workforce!
  • Workforce Initiatives and the K-12 Audience
  • Joint Washington State/Oreogn SAF Leadership Conference
  • Coos Chapter Reaches Out to High School Students
  • OSAF Foundation Forum
  • Upcoming Conference Promises Unique Perspective on PNW Forestry and the Future
  • WSSAF Biomass Display Available

November/December 2008 (download pdf)