Alaska SAF

Archived Issues

Issue Highlights

  • Explore Forests Past and Future at the Tri-Society SAF Meeting
  • Opportunities Abound for Spouses and Guests
  • Four Great Field Trip Options Offered at Meeting
  • Foresters' Fund Items Needed
  • Tri-Society Meeting Offers Unique Networking Opportunities in Lewiston
  • Why Should We Care About Dynamic Nature?
  • Applying Forest Ecology to Forest Management: Picking Up Missed Signals
  • Managing for Healthy Forests
  • What Do We Know About Commercial Moss Harvest in the Pacific Northwest?

January/February 2005 (download pdf)

Issue Highlights

  • Water, Fish, and Forests
  • Using Riparian Canopy Opening and Salmon Carcass Addition to Increase Salmonid Growth
  • Forest Riparian Protection in the Pacific Northwest
  • The Fire/Fish Risk Management Problem
  • Study Evaluates Fish Response to Management Actions
  • Improving Access to Certified Wood Markets

March/April 2005 (download pdf)

Issue Highlights

  • The Stand Management Cooperative: A Source of Information on Cost-effective Reforestation
  • Fertilization and Pre-Commercial Thinning Effects on Growth and Yield of Douglas-fir Plantations
  • Financial Analysis of a Treatment
  • Genetic Improvement: Boosting Plantation Productivity in the Pacific Northwest
  • Planting Density: A Consideration in Cost-Effective Reforestation
  • Study Tour Approaches Harvesting with an International Perspective

May/June 2005 (download pdf)

Issue Highlights

  • Forestry Experts Database Taking Shape
  • Karen Ripley: Washington's Forest Insect Expert
  • Doctor Dirt
  • Oregon's Captain Carbon: Jim Cathcart
  • Dan Newton: All in the Family
  • Wildlife Biologist Jim Rochelle Focuses on Applied Research
  • A Sustainable Solution for Riparian Management

July/August 2005 (download pdf)

Issue Highlights

  • The Rural Technology Initiative: A Collaborative Technology Transfer Center Serving Rural Landowners and Communities
  • Forest Stewardship Coached Planning Curriculum Incorporates LMS
  • Wildlife Habitat Modeling with the Landscape Management System: Using Technology to Assist Silvicultural Planning
  • Management Templates That Integrate Ecological and Economic Objectives
  • Helping Forest Landowners Manage Their Roads
  • Streaming Video Available on RTI Website
  • Resiliency of Interior Dry Fir-Pine Forests
  • Green River Community College Student Chapter to Host Mentoring Night

September/October 2005 (download pdf)

Issue Highlights

  • Societal Changes Lead to Forest Fragmentation
  • Biodiversity in Multi-ownership Landscapes
  • Community Wildfire Prevention Planning: A Tool for Forestry Involvement
  • Wildlife Habitat Fragmentation
  • 2005 National Convention a Huge Success
  • Family Foresters Workshop to be Held January 20
  • 2006 WSSAF Annual Meeting at Beautiful Lake Chelan

November/December 2005 (download pdf)