Alaska SAF

Archived Issues

Issue Highlights

  • Conservation Easements: Burden or Benefit?
  • Easements Made Easy (Almost)
  • Navigating the Language of Conservation Easements
  • Implementing and Monitoring Working Forest Conservation Easements
  • Appraising Conservation Easements
  • Potlatch Conservation Easement Allows for Working Landscapes in Perpetuity

January/February 2004 (download pdf)

Issue Highlights

  • WSSAF to Study Wildlife and Forest Management Interactions
  • Strong Roots - Strong Future Focus of Meeting
  • Initiative Petition 56: "Son of 64" in Oregon Would Require Maintaining 60 Trees per Acre
  • Council Focusing on the Future
  • Ice Elected to SAF Science Board
  • Edmonton to Host Foresters

March/April 2004 (download pdf)

Issue Highlights

  • Improving Fire Resiliency of Pacific Northwest Forests
  • Mugging Which Burn Victim? The Salvage Controversy
  • National Fire Plan: Will Supply/Demand Work?
  • Bringing Back the Forest After Fire
  • Taking Mapping to the Fire: GIS Supports Fire Suppression
  • Studying the Value of Fuels Management for Wildlife Habitat in Interior Alaska
  • The Future of Our Forests: A Good Time to Make a Difference
  • Assessing Fire Risk with the Landscape Management System and FFE-FVS

May/June 2004 (download pdf)

Issue Highlights

  • Wildlife Considerations in Modern Forest Management
  • Wood Decay in Healthy Forests: The Paradox and the Promise
  • Forest Stewardship Certification and Wildlife
  • Wildlife Responses to Thinning
  • One Good Maple
  • SAF and Wildlife Meeting Held
  • DecAID Advisor: A Tool for Managing Snags, Down Wood and Wood Decay in PNW Forests
  • Silvicultural Management of Spruce-tip Weevil Infestation in Red Alder and Sitka Spruce Stands

July/August 2004 (download pdf)

Issue Highlights

  • Focused Science Delivery Makes Science Make Sense
  • The Sustainable Wood Production Initiative
  • Developing Tools to Sustain Biological Diversity
  • Improving Our Understanding of Recreation and Tourism
  • Reducing Fire Risk to People and Resources Initiative: INLAS
  • FIA BioSum: A Tool to Evaluate Financial Costs, Opportunities and Effectiveness of Fuel Treatments
  • SpaRSS: Supporting Decisionmakers with User-Friendly Spatial Analysis Tools
  • Science Delivery Initiative Aims to Get the Word Out

September/October 2004 (download pdf)

Issue Highlights

  • Globalization, Forests and Academia
  • Where Are Tomorrow's Natural Resource Professionals?
  • The Role of Skills-Based Forest Technology Programs
  • MHCC Hosts Central American Students
  • Forestry Science and Education
  • Talk About Trees: Building Knowledge About Forests
  • Online Class Brings Forestry Education to Students Everywhere
  • SAF Council Report: One Forest Under Two Flags

November/December 2004 (download pdf)