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OUTREACH - Research Forester/Ecologist - Anchorage






Research Forester/Ecologist (GS-0460/0408-12/13)

Pacific Northwest Research Station, USDA Forest Service

Resource Monitoring and Assessment Program

PLEASE REPLY by April 10, 2019


The Pacific Northwest Research Station anticipates advertising a permanent, full-time Research Forester or Ecologist position, GS-0460/0408-12/13. This position is located in the Pacific Northwest Research Station Anchorage Forestry Sciences Lab in Anchorage, Alaska.

DUTIES: The scientist will provide leadership in the design and analysis of forest inventories and report on, through scientific peer review, innovative inventory techniques and analyses of critical natural resource issues in the United States. Responsibilities include integrating extensive field data with ancillary information (e.g., remote sensing) to a) provide statistically valid estimates of trends in forest land cover, carbon pools, and species composition over time, and b) explore the causal relationships for those trends—e.g., management, disturbance, disease, and climate. A focus on non-tree forest vegetation measurements and estimation is desired. This position offers many challenges and is likely to involve interaction and collaboration at both the local and national level. Experience with forest measurement and compilation, current statistical techniques and sampling methods, interdisciplinary research, grant writing, and publishing is essential.

IF YOU’RE INTERESTED in this position please send a completed outreach response form from the last page of the attachment to Andrew Gray by email ( or mail (Forestry Sciences Lab, 3200 SW Jefferson Way, Corvallis, OR 97331) to ensure timely notification when the position is advertised. Interested applicants are also encouraged to contact by telephone (541-750-7252). The position will likely open in May 2019 and will be posted at

Detailed information and Outreach Response Form can be found here.