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The 2020 seedling distribution originally scheduled for May 16th is being delayed  to protect purchasers and sale volunteers in light of the changing Covid-19 mandates and restrictions. Our 2020 seedling distribution will be much different than in previous years and we may be required to move distribution locations to accommodate a much different process.
We have tentatively selected Saturday, June 20th as an alternate pickup date

This date is fluid and could be moved further into late-June to early-July, or even later, depending on the status of the coronavirus restrictions as they develop. Future decisions made by Governor Dunleavy and municipal governments in Anchorage, the MatSu Valley and Kenai Peninsula will affect our decision when to move forward with the 2020 seedling distribution.  We will be updating all purchasers with additional information once details have been worked out to protect volunteers bundling the seedlings as well as volunteers and purchasers arriving for the scheduled seedling distribution.  Again, 20 June is a potential date for that to happen but is subject to change, so please monitor your email for future updates from us. 
The SAF Cook Inlet Chapter appreciates your patience during these trying times. We realize that purchasers, and our sale volunteers must make some hard decisions during a busy part of the Alaska summer. We can get this done when it’s time to do it. 

In the interim, we’ve included a few reminders that will help the eventual seedling distribution go smoother. Keep in mind that this will not be our usual seedling distribution and we will need to figure out an effective social distancing process (details will be provided in a future email update):

  1. Please check your original seedling order(s) to ensure that your requested pickup location remains the same (unless you’ve already informed us)


  1. Please bring a copy of your seedling order(s) to the distribution, if possible. If you can’t locate your original order, a handwritten note with your name and number of species bundles you paid for will be verified against what we received.


  1. If you’re unable to make the scheduled seedling pickup, select an alternate to pickup your order and provide them with a copy of your order(s) or the same information requested in #2. above


  1. Any questions from here on out can be sent to our Gmail account: We’ll do our best to respond in a timely manner. Again, monitor your email for future updates from us.

The 2020 Cook Inlet Chapter SAF Tree Seedling Sale is almost Sold Out for 2020


All seedlings are offered on a first come first served basis, if for some reason we are unable to fill your order you will be contacted and options will be presented to fill your order.

Be sure to provide a valid and legible phone number, email address and pickup location selection on your seedling order form. Note that the order form should be saved as a PDF and is fillable.  A valid email address is required in order for us to provide periodic updates on sale progress, seedling species availability and to remind purchasers when seedling distribution locations and times have been finalized. Updates will also be provided in separate e-mail messages to specific groups of seedling purchasers via MailChimp notices. As in the past sales, special distributions may be required for some species later in the summer so please periodically monitor your email for updates

2020 tree sale order form

Seedling availability (5/12/2020)

SpeciesSeedlings Remaining
lodgepole pineSOLD OUT
Siberian larchSOLD OUT
Scotch pineSOLD OUT
white spruceSOLD OUT
Colorado spruceSOLD OUT
paper birch720

*2019 pine purchasers*

2019 pine purchasers who agreed to move their paid orders to 2020 will pick up their orders during main spring  2020 distribution


Please send all correspondence to,

Email reminders will be provided to all Anchorage, Mat-Su and Kenai Peninsula purchasers prior to seedling pick-up with any additional details needed to ensure a seamless seedling distribution.

We are excited to continue our support to the Alaska Community Forestry Council in support of their Arbor Day Grants.  A portion of the proceeds from our sale has been donated to fund Arbor Day Grants around Alaska.  Please see the Alaska Community Forestry Council web page for more information on Alaska Arbor Day Grants

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